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    Antitracking Heat Shrink Sleeves

    Heat Shrink Tubing for Bus Bar 11-52 KV

    The 3M heat shrinkable tubing of Bus Bar series is designed for Insulating round and rectangular bus bar rated from 11 kV to 52 kV.

    The tube is made of a special formulated cross linked polyolefin. The tubing is of orange colour .The material has high resistance to splitting, good solvent resistance and excellent tracking resistance properties. The tubing shrinks easily with industry standard methods, forming an aesthetically appealing insulation cover.


    • For 11, 22, 33 and 52 kV voltage ratings.
    • For rectangular and round bus bars.
    • For copper or aluminum bus bars.
    • For use with substation switchgear.
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    Heat Shrink End Termination

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    Heat Shrink Straight Joints